Bruins News · Champion College Coach’s Thought on Recruits, Life Lessons & Accountabililty

I was reading Collegiate Baseball and came across some great comments by the 3-time National Champion Coach at Iowa Western College (NCJCC Division I), Marc Rardin, and thought they were worth sharing.

When asked about kids he recruits, Harding shared, “It is incredibly important that we recruit good kids who don’t cause problems.  If we discover they didn’t get good grader because they didn’t go to school or consistently get in trouble, we will not allow that type of kid in to our baseball program at Iowa Western.”  Rardin continued, “I call them ‘hooks.’ You see a big kid who can really throw. He can really do some things for your.  But he has so many other issues and problems that they simply aren’t worth having. Until those kids really want to save themselves, I will not save them. I will give them structure and help.  But as much as I want to help, the kid has to be ready to be saved and save himself first.”

Rardin added, “(Then) you have to do some homework and talk to coaches and talk to the player to find out more about him. I want to know about the kid’s personality and how he is in school.  You have to figure kids out and put it all together whether a kid will fit in your program.”

Rardin continues, “I always want to know if the local college coaches are on him and if not, why.  We want to know everything about the kid we can. The college coach may tell us he is not on this kid because he has been in trouble a couple of times in high school. Then we stay away from those kids.”

Rardin and his staff, like we wantour coaches at BHS to do, teaches life skills.  “It is important that our kids know how they are going to work.  All of our coaches explain to our kids what is expected of them and that they are accountable right off the bat. One of the first lessons in our program is what the word ‘act’ means.

“If you master this skill, it will help you in life as well as you act the right way.”  He continued, “Accountability is on my shoulders. We aren’t military, by all means. But there is no gray area with our rules. I don’t care if you are my 3-hole hitter or my No. 1 starter on the weekend, everyone is held accountable in the same fashion.”

By the way BHS baseball players, Rardin shared, “I believe in having them on a strict system. We lift weights at 6am.”  That’s the exact same time the Bruin baseball players lift weights!!

If you have any desire to be successful or possibly play at the next level, take this words to heart.  They are certainly worth considering.