Bruins News · This Week in Bruin Country….

This Week in Bruin Country….(“vs” is home, “at” is away)

Monday, April 13
Team/Individual Picture Day after school until 4:15pm
5:00pm, V/JV girls tennis at Blue River Valley

Tuesday, April 14
5:00pm, V baseball vs Bellmont
5:00pm, JV baseball at Bellmont
5:00pm, V softball vs New Castle
6:30pm, JV softball vs New Castle
5:00pm, V girls tennis vs Jay County (make up)
5:00pm, V track at Alexandria w/ Eastbrook

Wednesday, April 15
5:00pm, V baseball at Southwood
5:00pm, JV baseball vs Alexandria
5:00pm, V softball at Norwell
5:00pm, JV softball vs Norwell
5:00pm, V girls tennis at Bluffton

Thursday, April 16
5:00pm, JV baseball at Winchester
4:15pm, V boys golf at Bluffton w/ Marion (location was changed)
5:30pm, V softball at Eastern (time was moved back)

Friday, April 17
5:00pm, V baseball vs Southern Wells
5:00pm, JV baseball at Wes-Del
4:00pm, V boys golf vs Madison-Grant (Club Run GC)
5:00pm, JV softball at Elwood (DH)

Saturday, April 18
9:30am, JV baseball vs Muncie Central (time moved up)
10:00am, V softball 3-way (Homestead and Muncie Central)
Note: Bruins play game 1 and game 3 (1:00pm)