Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Soccer Coach Michelle Gross Retires From Coaching

Girl’s soccer Coach Michelle Gross has decided it is time to spend more time with family so she has stepped down as coach. Coach Gross met with her team yesterday to share the news.

From Coach Gross’s Facebook page….
So I wanted to say thank you to all of my past and present soccer players, parents and fans for all the support throughout the years. It has been an amazing journey these past 20 years (11 years at BHS). I have had the opportunity to get to know so many amazing individuals and wouldn’t trade a minute of it for anything!

I told my girls today that it takes a huge commitment to being a coach one that I was more than willing to make, anything for the team. I have missed so many things throughout the years while coaching: sleep, vacations, time with my sisters and family and just time for me. However, with that being said I also gained a second family that I adore as well and wish the very best!

But it’s time for me to step aside and let someone else lead the next generation of soccer players. Someone that can get a strong soccer commitment from each player. Someone that makes them believe that with hard work and commitment you can achieve so much more. Even if that means you miss a few things here and there.

I expect my players to put forth every bit of effort in the seasons to come and to support their new coach, whomever it may be, and to continue the tradition of being a successful team. We’ve had a long standing tradition of being successful not only on the soccer field but in the classroom and beyond . This doesn’t just pertain to my high school team but my youth players as well. You have all been amazing kids!

Parents please continue the support you have given me to the next individual that has the honor of coaching your daughters as they will need it just as I did.

I’ve often said I would not have made it through the loss of my mother had it not been for my extended family. What a blessing you were through a very difficult time.

Every one of you will always be in my heart. Thank you !

Coach Gross is the second head coach to step down within a couple weeks as Coach Melissa Antrim stepped down for similar reasons as head volleyball coach. Both were outstanding coaches who not only knew their sport well, but cared about the kids who played for them. They will be missed!