Girls Varsity Golf · Girls Golf Team must have 5 players by July 31 for Season to Take Place

Athletic Director Tony Uggen, after discussing the current situation with Coach Aubrey Strait, is setting a goal of a minimum of five girls golfers in order to have a team this fall. The past couple years were played with three and four girls, but it has not worked out overly well in getting kids to the course and competing consistently.

Athletic Director Tony Uggen stated, “you need four girls to have a full team but five is a better number since they take the top four scores. It just gives a little margin for error if someone has a tough night or one player can’t make it for some reason. It certainly isn’t fair to our opponents who show up expecting to play a full team and finding out we are short handed or have to cancel. Uggen continued, “we had four kids last year but it was rare that we had all four available on a given night. It is not fair to Coach Strait nor the program to play short handed. Coach has shared that she is aware of only two girls expressing interest so far, so we are going to simply state that if we don’t have five girls signed up by July 31 that we won’t field a team this fall. It’s disappointing because there are huge opportunities for girls who are decent to get scholarship money. Plus, Taylor Mink actually made All-CIC last year. And that to the fact that we once had a very good program and you would think there would be interest, but it just isn’t there or I am not aware of it. So we need to draw the line and that line is at five. I hope we get more interest over the course of summer.”

Any girl interested in playing this fall should contact Coach Strait as soon as possible at “Based on her email address alone, Coach Strait certainly loves and promotes the game but without girls interested we won’t have a team,” Uggen concluded.