Multiple Teams · Coach Rodgers & Volleyball Team Look to Focus on Fundamentals

In the third of a series of interviews with fall head coaches we speak to new Bruin volleyball coach Mark Rodgers, a BHS grad, on heading into the season. Lack of numbers has hurt the Lady Bruins the past couple of years. Hopefully, those numbers will rise and create more competition among the girls that leads to greater success on the floor.

Based on Coach Rodgers comments below, we need to see those incoming seventh graders getting to open gyms so they can get a jump on the season. Same for all players. You have to hit the ground running so get involved as early as you can so the team can fine tune during the season what they learn in the pre-season.

What about the job appealed to you?
The reason why I was interested in coaching at BHS is that I like to teach and see people succeed. When I noticed that BHS was looking for a volleyball coach, I jumped at the chance. I knew that I had the knowledge to pass on and would be able to encourage teamwork and self-discipline. This would also give me the chance to give back to the school that I attended and graduated.

How did you feel about getting the position?
When I received notice that I got the position, I was very pleased and honored. I know that it is going to take hard work to get a program started and have it succeed. With the staff that will be assembled, I know that we can make it work.

What are your goals for the program?
My goals for the program have already started. I have opened up open gyms to the junior high players so that they can start getting ready for their season. By doing this, those players can watch and play against the high school players to increase their knowledge. Also, next summer, we are going to start a volleyball camp to teach fundamentals for upcoming players.

What are your expectations for this fall?
My expectations for this year is to establish a good volleyball program. I also want to see an improvement in the players volleyball knowledge and talent.

How are things going so far?
After the first few workouts the players showed motivation and eagerness to get started. We have had a decent number of players come out, but unfortunately we haven’t had any incoming 7th graders come out.

What has been your major focus?
My focus in the early stages is to start building trust with the players and begin looking ahead to start a feeder program. I know that it is going to take time for the program to build but with the help of the staff and players I know that it will succeed.

Anything you would like to add?
I am excited to get this season started. I want to build a team that will be competitive and be proud of their school.

Thanks to Coach Rodgers for sharing his thoughts. We wish he and his Lady Bruins much success in building the program!