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In our fourth interview about the upcoming fall season, new Lady Bruin soccer coach Abby Whetsel took some time to answer a few questions about taking over the program and getting ready for the season.

What interested you about coaching at BHS?
When I saw the opportunity leady my own team at a local school I had to jump at the chance.  Being from the next community over, I enjoy the challenge of getting to coach at a school that I used to play against.

What are your thoughts about getting the position and building a program?
I am very excited about getting the position at BHS. I look forward to building the program and watching the players grow not just into soccer players, but into young adults.


What are your short and long term goals for the program?
Short term, I am looking to get to know the team and the players. Find the best way to work with them and help them excel. Long term, I want to continue to build a team that people are proud to be a part of.


What are your expectations for this season?
I am not looking to focus so much on wins and losses in this first year, but continue to focus on team work and team building. We want to get the team to work together as a unit and when that comes the wins will come as well.
What are your thoughts after the first few workouts?
I would like to see higher attendance in our first few workouts.Though I have been optimistic with the drive shown from some of the younger players who have attended.


What will be your primary focus in the early stages of your tenure?
Our primary focus right now is the get to know each other. I will also be focusing a lot on building fundamentals in the early parts of the season. We’ll build on our strengths and identifying those areas that need some extra attention.

A big thanks to Coach Whetsel for taking the time to share about her goals and the program.
Hopefully the girls will pick up their attendance over the remainder of the summer and can work to establish the team chemistry coach mentions above.

We wish Coach Whetsel and the Lady Bruins much success this fall. Good luck Lady Bruins!