Multiple Teams · Boys Basketball Searching for Statisticians/Tech Guys

From Coach Hoover….

We are need of help from 3-4 boys (due to locker room concerns, they are searching for boys, but there may be a position available for a girl or two if interested), to work with us on a regular basis each week starting in early November and extending through the season. They will be  data processing during and immediately following our games.

The primary skills necessary in this role are an interest/aptitude with software applications, in particular those involving digital video and spreadsheet work (e.g. Excel). An interest in basketball may also be helpful, as we’ll give them the latitude to “play around with the numbers” regarding metrics that contribute to wins, and thus some basketball knowledge may be valuable here, but likely not absolutely necessary. While perhaps not completely mutually exclusive, these young people will be helping our program in a fashion different than managers typically do, and thus it strikes me that there needs to be some basic education on how these roles will differ from that of a manager, which kids (and their parents) are typically more familiar with.

If interested, contact Coach Don Hoover at