Bruins News · JH Swimmers Fall to JC in Season Finale

The JH swim teams ended their seasons against Jay County. The girls made it interesting, but ultimately fell, 92-84. They finished their season 3-5. The boys were defeated 132-43 to finish 1-7. The co-ed team, which did not swim last night, finished a 2-0. The future looks bright for Bruin Swimming if the kids stick together!

Coach Christine Giese said afterwards, “Great Job tonight to the Girls and Boys of the Blackford Junior High Swim team! Great job this seasons and tonight at your meet. For the girls it was a very close meet Everyone is doing great and getting faster. Coach Jon and I are looking forward to having everyone return next season as we believe for the girls that many more school records will fall and hoping to see a few more of the boys records come down, too. Keep working hard hope everyone has a great rest of their school year and see you this summer at open swim workouts.”


Girls 200Y Medley A Relay: 1st (new school record 2:28.45)
(Cami Caldwell, Sohpia Jennerjahn, Leah Cale, Elizabeth Howard)
Girls 200Y Medley B Relay: 3rd (Abby Langdon, Bailey Parsons, Kaylin Clamme, Madi Ford)
Girls 200Y Medley C Relay: 4th (Ruby Slentz, Allie Parsons, Kelli Rinker, Olivia Carroll)
Boys 200Y Medley Relay: 3rd (Ethan Hidy, Braxton Malott, Jeremiah Skeens, Ashton Apple)
Alli Jacobs: 2nd in 200Y Freestyle: 1st in 100Y Freestyle
Abby Langdon: 3rd in 200Y Freestyle; 4th in 100Y Backstroke
Hannah Scaggs: 5th in 200Y Freestyle; 5th in 100Y Breaststroke
Ashton Apple: 3rd in 200Y Freestyle; 3rd in 400Y Freestyle
Keaton Walker; 5th in 200Y Freestyle; 5th in 400Y Freestyle
Cami Caldwell; 2nd in 100Y IM; 1st in 400Y Freestyle
Kaylin Clamme: 5th in 100Y IM
Madi Ford: 6th in 100Y IM
Braxton Malott: 2nd in 100Y IM; 3rd in 100Y Breaststroke
Ethan Hidy: 4th in 100Y IM; 1st in 100Y Backstroke
Elizabeth Howard: 2nd in 50Y Freestyle
Olivia Carroll: 4th in 50Y Freestyle; 5th in 100Y Freestyle
Allie Parsons: 6th in 50Y Freestyle: 5th in 400Y Freestyle
Jeremiah Skeens: 3rd in 50Y Freestyle; 4th in 50Y Butterfly
Andrew Tabor: 5th in 50Y Freestyle; 6th in 100Y Backstroke
Leah Cale: 2nd in 50Y Butterfly
Trinity Berry: 5th in 50Y Butterfly; 5th in 100Y Backstroke
Bailey Parsons: 2nd in 100Y Freestyle; 2nd in 100Y Breaststroke
Mikey Reading: 3rd in 100Y Freestyle; 5th in 100Y Breaststroke
James Jernigan: 5th in 100Y Freestyle and 5th in 100Y Backstroke
Ruby Slentz: 3rd in 400Y Freestyle; 3rd in 100Y Backstroke
Sophia Jennerjahn:1st in 100Y Breaststroke
Girls 400Y Freestyle A Relay: 2nd (Alli Jacobs, Leah Cale, Bailey Parsons, Cami Caldwell)
Girls 400Y Freestyle B Relay: 3rd (Madi Ford, Hannah Scaggs, Kaylin Clamme, Elizabeth Howard)
Boys 400Y Freestyle Relay: 3rd (Andrew Tabor, Keaton Walker, James Jernigan, Mikey Reading)