Bruins News · Bruins to Host Softball Sectional 39

The Blackford Athletic Department will be hosting IHSAA Softball Sectional 39 next week. Sectional 39 is a 2A sectional and features seven schools: the host Bruins, Eastbrook, Eastern, Madison-Grant, Northwestern, Taylor and Tipton. “Our sectional has been a very competitive one historically, so we are looking forward to another great tournament this year,” Athletic Director Tony Uggen shared. “Hosting tournaments gives us a chance to be in the spotlight a bit and brings people into our community. Hopefully it helps out a few local businesses as well.”

Monday, May 21
Gm 1: 6:00pm: Eastern vs Northwestern

Tuesday, May 22
Gm 2: 5:00pm: Madison-Grant vs Blackford
Gm 3: 7:00pm: Taylor vs Eastbrook

Wednesday, May 23
Gm 4: 5:30pm: Tipton vs Winner Gm 1
Gm 5: 7:30pm: Winner Gm 2 vs Winner Gm 3

Thursday, May 24
Gm 6: 6:00pm: Winner Gm 4 vs Winner Gm 5.

The winner of the Blackford Sectional will host the winner of the Lapel Sectional (#40) on Tuesday, May 29.

“It is great to host, but there are always challenges to running an event like this. One of our bigger challenges is people who do not particularly like the long walk back to the field. It is not much different than many other schools, but most prefer a shorter walk. To deal with this challenge my dad has actually acquired a parade wagon from Langdon Brothers Seed that he will pull behind a small tractor to help ferry fans to and from the parking lot. Hopefully people appreciate our efforts. The other challenge, that we cannot control, is the weather. Our field doesn’t drain especially real well so we often have a major challenge with heavy rain. But you deal with it and do your best to make sure the field is safe for the players. Other than that, you just hope for six great games and that everything goes without a hitch,” Uggen added.