Bruins News · Season Pass/Ticket Prices Set for 2018-19

Season pass and ticket prices have been set for the 2018-19 school year. Passes will go on sale during registration and at BHS thereafter. More info will be released as we get nearer registration.

“With the excitement generated last year by the football and boys basketball teams, we anticipate larger crowds than we have seen in recent years. As a result, I did some research over the past several months and we have set our pass prices just below the average of nearly 30 area schools. Senior Citizen pass prices went up a bit from last year, but I found that we were very low in comparison to what other schools were doing and, as mentioned already, we are still below the average for other schools,” Athletic Director Tony Uggen shared.

“Ticket prices for varsity contests will go to $6 as that is starting to become the norm. My hope is that most will realize that the best route to savings and to cut time waiting in line is to buy a pass,” Uggen continued.

Pass Prices:
Family Pass: $200 (immediate family members living at home)
Adult Pass: $75 (adults out of high school through age 61)
Senior-Citizen Pass: $40 (adults 62 or over)
BHS Students: $0 (admission is free for  BHS students if they show their school ID at the gate)
Grades K-8: $25 (allows all students in grades K-8 access to all BJHS & BHS contests)

Passes are good for all home contests with the exception of tournaments (includes invitationals). Please note that BHS students do not get into BJHS contests for free. “This was to alleviate some concerns about overcrowding at junior high contests,” Uggen explained.

Contest Ticket Prices:
Varsity contest: $6 (baseball/softball double-headers are $7)
JV, C, Frosh contest: $4 (when there is no varsity game the same night)
Junior High: $4

“We are also going to allow BJHS and elementary schools to sell punch cards to their students in which they can buy admission to 10 contests for $25 or so (to be determined). That would allow kids who may not go to many contests during the year to save some money. But if they are going to go to several games it would make more sense to buy the $25 pass,” Uggen added.

Passes, which are small enough to fit on your key chain, must be shown at the door at each contest. Passes that are lost or destroyed may be replaced for $20.