Bruins News · BHS Homecoming Info Released for Staff/Students

The doors will be judged by PEAK classes.  They will be judged for creativity, Bruin Pride, and how well the theme (Patriotic) is incorporated.  There will be no points given for the winners as there are too many PEAKS with split grade levels in them.  However, the winning door will receive pizza on Friday.

STUDENT dress up days are as follows:
Tuesday-Twin Day
Thursday-Class Day or class t shirts
Friday-Bruin Pride
 STAFF dress up days are as follows:
Monday-PJ’s (Come dressed as you were when you woke up)
Tuesday-Twin Day
Thursday-Neon Day
Friday-Bruin Pride Day (Several have spoken for jerseys; see Mrs. Rogers if you still need one.)
Pictures for the court will be on Tuesday morning at 9am. The court should be announced sometime today or tomorrow.
Also those who have freshman in their PEAKS, would you please let them know that if they show up for the evening sporting events next week, they will gain points for their grade level.  If they show up in that days dress theme they will receive an additional point.  There will be a staff member there with a clip board to sign them in.
If you could please encourage all of your kids to come out on this Sunday from 2-5 to help their fellow classmates decorate the hallways that would be great!  The more the better!  Thanks again for your help!  Please contact Mrs. Rogers if you have any questions!

Let’s make it a great week!