Bruins News · Football Bruins Make Changes to Record Book; All-CIC

The ’18 Football Bruins not only had a very successful campaign on the scoreboard, but set many records in the process.

Here are those records that have been verified. Please note that the records compared to are those that have been passed on through the years. There is little doubt that there may be a few that are incorrect or missed, and that some records just were’t updated or kept track of some years. So it is bases on what is currently known. Anytime anyone can prove that a record exists that we are not aware of, or even think could be a record, please contact Athletic Director Tony Uggen so we can update them!

Those who were passed will be kept in the books moving forward as best as we can.

Team Rushing Yards in a season:  3596 ’18 (299.7/game); 3573 ’74 (NOTE: both teams did play 12 games)
Team Total Offense in a season:  4196 ’18; 4081 ’74 (NOTE: both teams did play 12 games)
Scores in a Game:  11 vs Alexandria (10 TD, 1 FG) ’18; 10 vs Peru (10 TD) ’90
Combined scores in a game:  18, vs Alexandria ’18 (17 TD, 1 FG)
Consecutive drives scoring:  11, vs Alexandria ’18 (scored all 11 drives of the game)
Points is a Game:  70 vs Alexandria ’18; 70 vs Peru ’90 (tied record)
Total Offense Allowed in a Game:  15 vs Northwestern ’18; 22 vs Tipton ’79
Receiving Yards per Catch in a Season (min of 5 catches): Isaac Justice, 24.0 (5 for 120); Tryse Hendricks, 22.5, ‘13, Dalton Willmann 20.8 (10 for 208), Steve Confer, 20.6, ‘86
1000 Yard Rusher: Isaac Justice, 1008, ’18
PAT (Point After Touchdown) in a season: Bode Malott, 37, ’18; Tom Nottingham, 31, ’73 (Note: Mike Brenner made 10 in one game in ’90; not sure how many he made that season, but nothing noted in record book, however, based on the scores that year it is safe to assume that he probably had 33 at the most. If someone can prove it, and it is 31 or more, please let me know!)

1000 Yard Rushers in BHS History:
Joe Schmidt            1,704, ’79
Chris Baker             1,583, ’75
Bud Brown              1,488, 74
Dave Bowman        1,395, ’72
Joe Schmidt            1,248, ’80
Mike Bryant             1,013, ’78
Adam Richardson   1,011, ’00
Isaac Justice            1,008, 18

Please note that he Bruins have had a lot of very good backs through the years, but the Bruins ran a lot of wishbone and veer sets in the early years which meant that the backs shared the load (as opposed to a 1-back or I-Formation set that normally features one back).

It should also be noted that the Bruins put 7 players on the All-CIC Team this year. That is the most that the Bruins have had on the team since having 8 in ’80. 5 of the 7 players were 1st Team. That is the first time the Bruins have had 5 1st Teamers since ’04.

Those earning All-CIC Honors for the Bruins include:

1st Team
Jacob Deavers (Def Line)
Shane Elam (Def Secondary)
Melvin Hernandez (Def Linebacker)
Cam Ickes (Off Line)
Isaac Justice (Off Running Back)

Honorable Mention
Nick Otwinowski (Off Line)
Joseph Payne (Def Linebacker)

Great job Bruins!

Again, if anyone has proof of any records that may not be correct, please contact Athletic Director Tony Uggen at  That would include records in any sport!