Bruins News · JH Boys Join East Jay Tournament on Saturday, Jan 12

East Jay was looking for a school to fill their vacancy next week so the Bruins were available to fill the spot.

Here is the schedule for that day (it appears that games 2 & 5 are 7th and games 3 & 6 are 8th):

Gm 2 in small gym (7th), approx 10:30am: Bellmont vs West Jay
Gm 2 in large gym (7th), approx 10:30am: East Jay vs Blackford

Gm 3 in small gym (8th), approx 11:30am: Bellmont vs West Jay
Gm 3 in large gym (8th), approx 11:30am: East Jay vs Blackford

Gm 5 in small gym (7th), approx 1:30pm, Consolation Game
Gm 5 in large gym (7th), approx 1:30pm, Championship Game

Gm 6 in small gym (8th), approx 2:30pm, Consolation Game
Gm 6 in large gym (8th), approx 2:30pm, Championship Game