Bruins News · Bruin Spotlight #18: Lauriah Lytle

Bruin Spotlight #18 features cheerleader Lauriah Lytle. She and Haelynn Withers just spent New Year’s in London representing the Bruins. There should be a feature soon on that trip. She hopes to take the life lessons learned during her participation and aid her throughout her life. She also shares that “time is limited and you don’t want to miss it.” So if you are considering playing, get involved!

Best of luck to Lauriah and the cheer squad the remainder of the winter season. We certainly appreciate their efforts representing and cheering on the Bruins! They do a great job!

Athlete: Lauriah Lytle
Grade: 12
Current Sport: Cheer
Parents: Jimmy Lytle and Kimberly Speidel

Besides cheer, what other sports or activities are you involved in? I am involved in Soccer, Softball, Spanish club, Student Council, and National Honor Society.

Why do you cheer in particular? I have been a cheerleader my whole life. Before I started school cheer in 7th grade, I was a competitive cheerleader. I also love cheering on our football and basketball teams.
Other than winning and losing, what other things do you hope to take away from your experiences playing sports? After being an athlete my whole life, I hope to show all the life lessons I gained. I will know how to persevere when things are tough, strive to be the best of my ability, and have determination in anything I do.

What words would you share for those kids who aren’t playing a sport right now or are considering doing so? What are you waiting for?! All of my best memories looking back on high school, involve a sport. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t an athlete. Every sport can use more players. Time is limited and you don’t want to miss out. My cheer team is basically my second family, and I hope everyone gets to experience that. I promise you, you’ll regret it if you don’t!
What does it mean to you to be a Bruin? In my opinion, being a Bruin is persevering and always giving 100%. Our athletics absolutely struggled in the past, but since my freshman year of sports, we have greatly improved in everything. We had the chance to give up and stop trying, however we used it as an opportunity to try harder and persevere. That’s being a Bruin.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not playing sports (hobbies, interests, etc.)? It is very rare that you’ll find me doing anything besides soccer, softball, or cheer. I typically spend my time studying for my classes or hanging out with friends. I used to do tumbling in my free time multiple days throughout the week, however I tore my left ACL in soccer last year and now my right ACL in soccer this year. Since I haven’t been able to tumble, most of my time is now spent hanging out with friends.
What has been your favorite moment in sports during your career at BHS so far? One of my many  favorite moments in sports was Freshman year during soccer season and going to Coach Gross’s house after practices to watch soccer games or film, and of course ordering pizza.

Are you involved in any leadership roles or activities at BHS? I am involved in National Honor Society and Student Council.

Has there been a teacher, coach, or mentor along your journey who has had a positive impact on your life? If so, who would that be and how has that person impacted you? Coach (Michelle) Gross has made an impact on my life. She taught me to always push myself to do my best. I’ve never had a coach push me harder than Coach did. I learned so many life lessons from her.

Has there been any former Bruin that you have admired or looked up to? If so, who was it and why did you admire or look up to them? I look up to my brother Tryse Hendricks. He was so good in  every sport he played and somehow managed to play 5 sports his senior year. He taught me to be dedicated in every sport I play, rather than just one.