Bruins News · Boys Medley Relay Team Sets School Record in Win Last Week

Blackford traveled to Elwood for a 3-way meet on January 3rd that included Liberty Christian. The boys and girls teams each returned 2-0 on the evening and the boys 200 Medley Relay team broke the school record that has stood for 42 years. Drew Caldwell, Ethan Miller, Bode Malott and Collin Penrod put up a time of 1:51.05. The prior record was set by Craig Fread, Ben Green, Jeff Custer, and Brad Everhart in a time of 1:51.7 in ’77.

These are exciting times for our swim program with growth happening every week.

The boys improved to 6-3 with the wins. The girls picked up their first wins of the season and are now 2-7 on the season. With the 6 wins, the boys have equaled the highest win total since 2001-02 when the boys finished 6-6-1. The ’95-96 Bruins finished 8-8 and the ’94-95 team finished 11-6. 

Boys Team Results:
BHS 122 Elwood 62
BHS 122 Liberty Christian 84

**School Record: 200 Medley Relay A (1st) Drew Caldwell, Ethan Miller, Bode Malott, Collin Penrod
200 Medley Relay B (4th) Kendall Scher, Ashton Apple, Lance Manley, Michael Waters
200 Free (2nd) Ashton Apple (4th) Kanyon Mohler
200 IM (1st) Drew Caldwell
50 Free (2nd) Collin Penrod, (3rd) Bode Malott
Diving (1st) Jacob Spears (2nd) Kyle Crabtree
100 Butterfly (1st) Bode Malott (3rd) Lance Manley
100 Free (2nd) Carson Sehy, (3rd) Ethan Miller
500 Free (2nd) Lance Manley, (3rd) Ashton Apple
200 Free Relay (1st) Drew Caldwell, Carson Sehy, Bode Malott, Ethan Miller
200 Free Relay (4th) Michael Waters, Kanyon Mohler, Jacob Spears, Collin Penrod
100 Back (1st) Drew Caldwell, (4th) Kendall Scher
100 Breast (1st) Ethan Miller (4th) Hayden Cristobal
400 Free Relay (1st) Lance Manley, Michael Waters, Kendall Scher, Carson Sehy

Girls Team Results:
BHS 119 Elwood 54
BHS 119 Liberty Christian 51

200 Medley Relay A (1st) Ruby Slentz, Sophie Jennerjahn, Natalie Blakely, Peyote Henderson
200 Medley Relay B (2nd) Abby Langdon, Becca Parsons, Jessica Manley, Josslyn Clevenger
200 Free (2nd) Madi Ford
200 IM  (1st) Natalie Blakely
50 Free (1st) Peyote Henderson
100 Butterfly (1st) Natalie Blakely
100 Free (1st) Sophie Jennerjahn, (2nd) Addy Langdon
500 Free (2nd) Jessica Manley
200 Free Relay (1st) Peyote Henderson Becca Parsons, Ruby Slentz, Natalie Blakley,
200 Free Relay (3rd) Kyleigh Hahn, Brooke Rogers, Kylee Darnell, Josslyn Clevenger
100 Back (3rd) Ruby Slentz, (4th) Abby Langdon
100 Breast (1st) Sophie Jennerjahn, (2nd) Becca Parsons
400 Free Relay (3rd) Jessica Manley, Peyote Henderson, Becca Parsons, Ruby Slentz

Come out and support swim teams tomorrow night as the Bruins host Hagerstown at 5:45pm. This was a time change to allow Hagerstown more time to get here.