Bruins News · Boys Swim Improves to 7-3; Girls Continue to Improve

The boys swim team defeated Hagerstown to improve to 7-3 on the season. The Bruins currently have the most wins of any team since the ’95-96 team went 8-8. The Bruins are two wins away from guaranteeing their first winning season since the ’94-95 team as far as the record books show.

The girls dropped their match 123-50 to fall to 2-8, but still continue to show improvement. Hagerstown just had larger numbers making things more difficult for the Lady Bruins.

Boys Team Result:
Blackford 106 Hagerstown 54
Individual Results:
Diving: (1st) Kyle Crabtree
200 Medley Relay A (1st) Drew Caldwell, Ethan Miller, Bode Malott, Collin Penrod
200 Medley Relay B (3rd) Kendall Scher, Ashton Apple, Lance Manley, Kanyon Mohler
200 Free (3rd) Kanyon Mohler
200 IM (1st) Drew Caldwell, Lance Manley (3rd)
50 Free (1st) Collin Penrod, (2nd) Bode Malott, Ethan Miller (3rd)
100 Butterfly (1st) Bode Malott (3rd) Michael Waters
100 Free (1st) Carson Sehy, (2nd) Collin Penrod, Kanyon Mohler (4th)
500 Free (2nd) Lance Manley, (3rd) Ashton Apple
200 Free Relay (1st) Drew Caldwell, Ethan Miller, Bode Malott, Collin Penrod
200 Free Relay (4th) Michael Waters, Kanyon Mohler, Kendall Scher, Carson Sehy
100 Back (1st) Drew Caldwell, (2nd) Kendall Scher
100 Breast (1st) Ethan Miller (3rd) Hayden Cristobal
400 Free Relay (1st) Lance Manley, Ashton Apple, Kendall Scher, Carson Sehy

Girls Team Result:
Hagerstown 123 Blackford 50
Individual Results:
200 Medley Relay A (2nd) Ruby Slentz, Sophie Jennerjahn, Natalie Blakely, Peyote Henderson
200 Medley Relay B (4th) Abby Langdon, Becca Parsons, Jessica Manley, Josslyn Clevenger
200 Free (4th) Madi Ford
200 IM (1st) Natalie Blakely, Jessica Manley (5th)
50 Free (2nd) Peyote Henderson, Becca Parsons (3rd)
100 Butterfly (1st) Natalie Blakely
100 Free (4th) Kaylin Clamme
500 Free (4th) Jessica Manley
200 Free Relay (2nd) Sophie Jennerjahn, Becca Parsons, Ruby Slentz, Natalie Blakley,
200 Free Relay (3rd) Kyleigh Hahn, Peyote Henderson, Kaylin Clamme, Josslyn Clevenger
100 Back (3rd) Abby Langdon, (4th) Ruby Slentz
100 Breast (1st) Sophie Jennerjahn, (4th) Becca Parsons
400 Free Relay (3rd) Jessica Manley, Peyote Henderson, Abby Langdon, Ruby Slentz