Bruins News · Bruins to Be Filmed as Part of Project

Independent Film Director Kirby Bradley, who directed the recently released ESPN 30 for 30 on Junior Seau, will be in town next weekend to conduct interviews and film the Jay County game as part of a project he is doing on Luke Brown, Coach Jerry Hoover, and the encouraging story of the Bruin boys basketball team.
“Like many, he has heard about our story and wants to do a project based on it. He will be in town next weekend to conduct some interviews, film the Jay County game, and a practice or two as part his plans. I don’t know as to where this all might lead, but feel honored that Mr. Bradley cared enough about our story to take the time to put together such a project,” Athletic Director Tony Uggen shared. Uggen continued, “This story, much a product of the efforts of our basketball coaches and players, has done wonders to unite our school and community. It certainly shows how interscholastic sports can affect a community. For us to be recognized for what has taken place the past couple of years in Blackford County is certainly awesome considering the difficult times we experienced athletically just prior.”

“Before I received his call I fully expected that the Jay County game could be our first near sell out of the season. As most remember, the Jay County game last year was the one that Luke got hurt in that ended his season. There were a lot of people there that night that had no ties to Blackford or Jay County. They just wanted to see him play and only got to see him for about 10 minutes before he was injured,” Uggen noted. He continued, “On paper this should be an evenly matched game and, being our neighbors to the east, one would expect a nice sized crowd anyway. Now that they are filming this I am guessing we could fill Bruin Gym next Saturday. It should a an electric atmostphere.”

Uggen concluded, “We will try to track head count that night as best we can. Once we get to 4000, we will be cautious about letting more in as we would be getting near a comfortable capacity.”

The C game will tip off at 5pm followed by the JV and varsity games. Fans are encouraged to arrive as soon as possible to assure a seat.

Here is a link to Kirby Bradley’s statement on the Junior Seau feature: