Bruins News · Burris Game Pre-Sale Plan

As most know, Ball Gym, home of Muncie Burris, is not a large gym. At this time the Bruins will get 500 pre-sale tickets for the games on Thursday, February 21st. Burris A.D. Chad Wlodarek has shared that there will be about 200 available at the door plus any that Burris does not sell in advance.

Here is the plan for pre-sale at BHS:

Wednesday, February 13 (8am-4pm): Parents, siblings, and grandparents of players, varsity cheerleaders (JV cheerleaders will not be going that night), coaches AND season ticket holders may purchase tickets. You may not purchase tickets for anyone else at that time. Season ticket holders MUST have their passes with them to buy tickets. You may only buy one ticket per pass.

To help with this, we would like the basketball players to compile a list so we know who to expect in advance. (This will be shared with the coaching staff.) Again, you may purchase only parents, siblings and grandparents.

NOTE: After 4pm on Thursday, those listed above may only buy tickets using the plan below.

Thursday, Feb 14-Feb 20 (8am-4pm): Remaining tickets will go on sale to general public until they are sold out. Maximum sold per person will be 2 tickets.

There are no exceptions. Please do not call in advance. Tickets will not be reserved by phone or held for anyone. You must show up in the Athletic Office in order to buy tickets for the games at Burris.

“Fans should realize that we are well aware that 500 tickets will likely not be enough for our fans. But that’s what we get as it is not our home contest. Lisa Musselman will also be selling tickets for the games at Southern Wells so you can buy those as well during that time frame. We are doing our best to be as fair as possible about getting these tickets out. We ask that fans be patient and courteous as we work through next week,” said Athletic Director Tony Uggen. He continued, “Burris shared they would have a couple hundred on sale at the door. I would suggest that if you don’t get your tickets here that you arrive very early if you want to get what few they will have left.”