Bruins News · Bruin Spotlight #22: Caitlyn Morgan

Senior cheerleader Caitlyn Morgan is the focus of our spotlight this week. Caitlyn has created strong bonds with her teammates which have led to a lot of great memories. Her experiences have also made school more enjoyable for her.

Best of luck to Caitlyn and her cheer teammates as they wrap up the winter season!

Athlete: Caitlyn Morgan
Grade: 12
Current Sport: Cheer
Parent: Kelly Morgan

Besides cheer, what other sports or activities are you involved in? I’m also involved in tennis, Raider, JROTC, Yearbook, and NHS.

Why do you cheer in particular? I cheer because I love to motivate and cheer on others to achieve their goal. I also love to base stunts and cheering allows me to do that.
Other than winning and losing, what other things do you hope to take away from your experiences playing sports? I hope to take away amazing memories and a strong bond with all my teammates. I also hope to take away life lessons that may help me in the future.

What words would you share for those kids who aren’t playing a sport right now or are considering doing so? I would tell every kid in our school to get involved in something. Whether it’s a sport or a club, I think that getting involved is a really important part of high school. Being in so many things has made school so much more enjoyable for me the last four years. So to all of the students who aren’t involved in anything, get involved, make new friends, and make amazing memories while you can. You won’t regret it.

What does it mean to you to be a Bruin? Being a Bruin means taking pride in everything you do at BHS. I think everyone should take pride in being able to call themselves a Bruin because being a Bruin is awesome! I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my four years of high school at any other high school than BHS because of the level of pride and energy that this school has.
What do you enjoy doing when you are not playing sports (hobbies, interests, etc.)? I enjoy working out, listening to music, hanging out with my family, and hanging out with my awesome friends.

What has been your favorite moment in sports during your career at BHS so far? My favorite moment during my whole sports career would have to be getting to go to Georgia with my Raider family for the National Raider Competition. We finished 14th in the nation and had an amazing weekend together.

Are you involved in any leadership roles or activities at BHS? I am the S-1 of the JROTC Program and I am also one the captains of the cheer squad this year.

Was there any former Bruin that you admired or looked up to? If so, who was it and why did you admire or look up to them? I really admired Jordan Charnley. She’s that type of person that pushes themselves and others to be the best version of themselves. Jordan was one of the people who taught me what true dedication was and how to really motivate others. She always pushed and motivated me at every Raider meet. She was my role model when it came to raider capabilities.