Bruins News · CIC Adds Second Moratorium Week to Summer ’19

The Central Indiana Conference has voted to add to its by-laws a second, self-imposed, moratorium for all member schools.
This new by-law will go into affect this summer. In short, member schools will pick a week in the IHSAA summer, other than the IHSAA imposed moratorium the week beginning Monday, July 1st, for athletes to get a break from participation. Those schools that do not follow the by-laws will be penalized for violating the new policy.Athletic Director Tony Uggen said of the new plan, “I was happy to see CIC recognize that our athletes and parents, and coaches for that matter, need another week off. The IHSAA has been considering a second moratorium but nothing has come to fruition yet. I believe there is one other conference in Indiana with this policy, and a few individual schools maybe, but the CIC athletic directors chose to be proactive. I think families will appreciate a chance to spend more time together in the summer.”Uggen continued, “Our head coaches felt it would be best if ours followed the IHSAA Moratorium Week which is always the week that includes July 4th. I like this for several reasons. It will give our athletes, parents, and coaches a larger window to plan a vacation with their families and/or just get away from the grind. It also allows parents the opportunity to take advantage of cheaper mid-week flights in the summer. It will be especially good for those kids who play two back-to-back or three sports.” Uggen concluded, “There’s always the argument ‘other schools aren’t taking breaks.’ Well, my thought is that getting the parents, kids, and coaches more time with families, or allowing kids the chance to just be kids, is a good thing. And nothing is preventing the kids who still want to work out from being able to do so, but at least they have the option of getting a break without feeling pulled to be here voluntary or not. And with society racing along at 100 miles per hour, I don’t think there is anything wrong with just saying ‘let’s just slow down a bit.’ It just gives everyone a chance to re-charge.”

As a result, all BHS athletic activities will be completely shut down (no games, practices, conditioning, workouts, etc. of any type) from Monday, July 1 through Sunday, July 14, 2018.