Bruins News · Track Teams Participate at Randolph Southern Invite

The Bruin track teams took part in the Randolph Southern Invite this morning. The boys finished 4th. The girls finished 8th.

Boys Team Results:
1 Eastern Hancock, 153
2 Cambridge City Lincoln, 82
3 Wapahani, 74
4 Blackford, 55
5 Union City, 37
6 Blue River Valley, 28
7 Cowan, 21
8 Union (Modoc), 9
9 Randolph Southern, 6

Boys Individual Results:
100m Dash: Isaac Justice (1st), Austen Lancaster (2nd)
200m Dash: Isaac Justice (3rd)
400m Run: Keaton Elkins (6th)
800m Run: Steffen Hoover (7th), Scott Winger (8th)
1600m Run: Brayden Roberts (6th), Noah Kitterman (9th)
3200m Run: Brayden Roberts (8th), Drew Caldwell (10th)
110m Hurdles: Brayden Roberts (6th)
300m Hurdles: Carson Sehy (3rd)
4x100m Relay: (2nd) Austen Lancaster, Terrence Wilson, Ethan Watt, Isaac Justice
4x400m Relay: (4th) Keaton Elkins, Scott Winger, Carson Sehy, Ethan Watt
4x800m Relay: (4th) Noah Kitterman, Carson Sehy, Steffen Hoover, Drew Caldwell
Shot Put: Myles Randall (6th), Michael Norris (16th)
Discus: Scott Winger (4th), Myles Randall (9th)
Long Jump: Jacob Deavers (6th), Ethan Watt (10th)

Girls Team Results:
1 Wapahani, 169
2 Eastern Hancock, 87
3 Blue River Valley, 79
4 Cambridge City Lincoln, 61
5 Cowan, 27
6 Union City, 24
7 Randolph Southern, 10
8 Blackford, 7
9 Union (Modoc), 7

Girls Individual Results:
400m Run: Allison King (13th)
800m Run: Jenna Payne (7th)
3200m Run: Anya Uggen (9th)
300m Hurdles: Josselyn Schick (8th)
4x100m Relay: (4th) Josselyn Schick, Ruby Slentz, Faith Maloney, Becca Parsons
4x400m Relay: (5th) Josselyn Schick, Ruby Slentz, Faith Maloney, Jaycie Sones
4x800m Relay: (7th) Jenna Payne, Ruby Slentz, Allison King, Faith Maloney
Shot Put: Carlee Howell (11th), Kiara Shields (14th)
Discus: Kiara Shields (12th), Carlee Howell (13th)
High Jump: Faith Maloney (6th)
Long Jump: Josie Oswalt (9th)

The Bruins head to Frankton on Tuesday for a triangular meet that includes Missisinewa. The meet begins at 5:30pm.