Bruins News · Cross Country Teams Hold Run-A-Thon This Morning

The Bruin Cross-Country teams held a run-a-thon this morning as their final Open Run for June, 2019.  Nineteen runners, including coaches, took part and amassed 177 miles during the four hours.  Students between fifth and twelfth grades have been represented at Open Runs in June.  Each runner was challenged to complete a 1-mile loop the number of times that corresponds to their grade level.  Several set and achieved goals beyond that. Student athletes participating today were:

Natalie Thurman- 12 miles

Drew Caldwell- 16 miles
Lance Manley- 10 miles

Cami Caldwell- 14 miles
Donovan Osborn- 13 miles
Eighth Graders:
Keaton Walker- 15 miles
Ammee Uggen- 9 miles
Darius Osborn- 9 miles
Charleston Sletnz- 9 miles

7th Graders:
Cierra Faber- 11 miles

6th Graders:
Loralie Hile- 7 miles
Abigail Slentz- 7 miles

5th Graders:
Kayleigh Faber- 9 miles
Kylee Faber- 8 miles
Max Uggen- 6 miles
Reece Walker- 6 miles

Coach Caldwell shared, “The idea for today was for the kids to have fun and prove to themselves that they are capable of more than they think.  I was very proud of the turnout, attitudes and effort today and so far this summer.  The theme for the month of June has been discipline.  I hope the kids will continue to be disciplined over the next couple Moratorium weeks and run on their own each day.  Any one wanting to begin running with us, Open Runs will begin again July 15 at 7:30 AM.  We meet at the Cleat House.”

Great job CC Bruins!!