Bruins News · Boys Basketball Reserved Seats to Be Sold

Due to the large crowds expected this winter for varsity boys basketball games, the Athletic Department will be selling reserved seats for varsity boys basketball nights. The cost for reserving each seat is $20 and is good for all regular-season nights that the varsity boys basketball team plays.

“I have listened to fans express concerns the past couple of years about losing ‘their seat’ as crowds grow. First of all, no one really has their own seat as seats have never been reserved, but many are those loyal fans who were here when times were tough for the boys and they want those same seats now that the gym is packed. I have also heard concerns from those who have mobility issues and the fact they can’t climb the bleachers as they would like,” athletic director Tony Uggen said. “The new hand rails will help some, but this will reduce the race to get here way before game time to find a seat which is frustrating some and creates supervision challenges well before game time.”

“My hope is that we will sell out the roughly 370 seats available, but we may not. Like some schools that always sell assigned seats, we are not forcing anyone to buy a reserved seat as we have 3600 other seats available. But with all the excitement around Bruin Boys Basketball, it simply provides fans interested the opportunity to have their own seat in the lower middle south section (behind the scorer’s table) and the southwest lower corner at an average cost of just $1.67 per game. If we sell the entire section out, we will have supervision at the top and bottom of the section to make sure fans have a pass to sit there. If not, those seats will be available to anyone who wants to sit in the section, but they cannot sit in a reserved seat. Again, all change has its challenges. We are just trying to help our loyal and mobility-challenged fans, and reducing the need to arrive so early, by guaranteeing fans interested the same seat each night,” added Uggen. “I have also cut out some half seats in those rows that were made due to the expansion of the aisles for the new hand rails. This will give people an extra inch or so of room per seat in each row of those two sections.”


Note: The new reserved sections are shown above. They are (approx) all the seats shown to the right of those in blue in the lower section.

“A form will be made available in the next week or so with a seat map on the back whereby fans will put their top 3-5 choices for seats. Payment will be made when the form is returned. We will the do our best to get fans the seats they want, or very close by, based on orders we receive. Season pass holders will get first choice of seats. We will then open it up to all other interested fans,” Uggen shared.

Please email athletic director Tony Uggen at if you have any questions. Look for another article about the process in the next few days.