Bruins News · Limited Reserve Seating to Go on Sale Thursday at 8:15am (for Season Ticket Holders)

With the expectation of large crowds this winter for nights the varsity boys basketball team plays, the BJSHS Athletic Department will be selling up to 362 reserved seat passes in the south lower section this season. The cost of each reserved seat is $20. It should be noted that this pass does not gain entrance to the game, but only guarantees you that you will have the same seat each night the varsity boys play.

For clarification, reserve seating is in affect on JV/V boys nights, 9/JV/V boys nights, or on V girls/V boys nights. There are no reserved seats for any night that the varsity boys basketball team does not play.

Here is the schedule for ordering reserved seating:

Thursday, October 31st: Season pass holders will be able to turn in or complete forms upon arrival with full payment (required) beginning at 8:15am. All those who do so before 10am will be compiled and then reserved seats will be assigned via a random lottery system. “We are doing it this way to avoid people lining up at the door early tomorrow just to be first. So all forms turned in prior to 10am will have the same odds of getting their first choice of seats,” shared athletic director Tony Uggen. “After 10am, we will assign reserved seats there forward based on the order of submission.”

Only season ticket holders only may turn in their forms through 5pm on Monday, November 4th. Season pass holders may only purchase as many reserved seats as they have season passes.

Beginning Tuesday, November 5th at 8am, non-season pass holders and any season pass holders who want more may purchase reserved seats. “As shared before, all these orders will be processed in the order received. Please make sure you are able to make the full payment before stopping in to place your order,” added Uggen. “Reserved seats will be on sale until all are sold.  If we run out of seats, we will refund money to those who didn’t get them.”

“This is a new venture. Over the past year many have shared that they would like to be able to have the same seats each night. I also know that we have some fans with mobility issues, so this may help alleviate some of their concerns,” Uggen said. “We also want fans to know that the lower southeast section will still offer open seating. They will just need to get here early on game nights as in the past.”

“Some may not like the idea, but I felt it was worth giving it a try. We are not forcing anyone to buy these and there are 3600 other quality seats in Bruin Gym. What I didn’t want is people having to fight their way in early trying to beat everyone else for a seat if they didn’t want to. Hence, the lottery idea for the first to show up. I did the best I could to come up something I thought would be fair to all,” said Uggen. “If it doesn’t work well, we won’t do it next year. But I want to add that we are not forcing anyone to buy these. We just trying to find a way to allow some to have a seat they really want without hopefully climbing too many steps. We added the handrails this fall so that will make things easier as well” he added.

Please read the information carefully on the form when your get it. “The forms will be posted on the Blackford Athletic Facebook page so that those interested can print them off and have the form completed before they get here. That will speed things up a bit,” added Uggen.

Passes will not be available for pick-up until Monday, November 11th. “This gives me time to assign the seats because there will be some wanting the same seats. So we allow everyone to give us their top five choices for seats. I will then sort through all the orders and do my best to get the seats, or very near the seats, all want. And that will take some time,” said Uggen.

If you have any questions, please email athletic director Tony Uggen at