Bruins News · Boys Swimmers Win 3rd Straight; Girls Still Improving

The Bruin swim teams had another competitive night. The boys swam well in route to a convincing 117-62 victory over Bellmont. Drew Caldwell won two races and was on two winning relays teams to lead the boys. Other individual winners were Collin Penrod, Kyle Crabtree, Bode Malott, Carson Sehy and Ethan Miller. The 200 Medley, 200 Free and 400 Free Relay Teams also took first.

The girls continue to improve but came up just short, 107-72. Natalie Blakely was a double winner for the girls. The 200 Medley Relay Team also won their race. They fall to 0-4.

Girls results: Bellmont 107 Blackford 72

200 Yard Medley: 1st Abby Langdon, Kaylin Clamme, Kelli Rinker, Kylee Darnell; 3rd Cami Caldwell, Sophie Jennerjahn, Natalie Blakely, Ruby Slentz
200 Yard Free: 4 th Abby Langdon
200 Yard IM: 1st Natalie Blakely; 5th, Cami Caldwell
50 Yard Free: 2nd Kaylin Clamme; 2nd Sophie Jennerjahn; 4th Kelli Rinker
Diving: 2nd Kiegh Hahn
100 yard Butterfly: 1st Natalie Blakely; 5th Kelli Rinker
100 Yard Free: 4th Madi Ford; 5th Kyleigh Hahn
500 Yard Free: 3rd Cami Caldwell; 4th Abby Langdon
200 Yard Free Relay: 3rd Kelli Rinker, Kaylin Clamme, Ruby Slentz, Natalie Blakely; 5th Kylee Darnell, Sophie Jennerjahn, Mady Whitesell, Kyleigh Hahn
100 Yard Backstroke: 4th Ruby Slentz; 5th Abby Landgon
100 Yard Breaststroke: 2nd Sophia Jennerjahn; 5th Mady Whitesell
400 Yard Free Relay: 2nd Kaylin Clamme, Kyleigh Hahn, Cami Caldwell, Ruby Slentz
Boys results: Blackford 117 Bellmont 62

200 Yard Medley: 1st Drew Caldwell, Ethan Miller, Bode Malott, Collin Penrod; 2nd Kendall Scher, Braxton Malott, Lance Manley, Ethan Hidy
200 Yard Free: 2nd Carson Sehy: 3rd Lance Manly
200 Yard IM: 1st Drew Caldwell: 4th Ethan Hidy
50 Free: 1st Collin Penrod; 2nd Bode Malott: 3rd Ethan Miller
Diving: 1st Kyle Crabtree; 3rd Kadin Duke
100 yard Butterfly: 1st Bode Malott, 3rd Collin Penrod, 4th Braxton Malott
100 Yard Free: 1st Carson Sehy, 3rd Ethan Hidy
500 Yard Free: 2nd Lance Manley
200 Yard Free Relay: 1st Drew Caldwell, Carson Sehy, Bode Malott, Collin Penrod; 3rd Carson Sehy, Hayden Cristobal, Kendall Scher, Braxton Malott
100 Yard Backstroke: 1st Drew Caldwell  3rd Ethan Hidy    4th Kendall Scher
100 Yard Breaststroke: 1st Ethan Miller; 4th Braxton Malott
400 Yard Free Relay: 1st Lance Manley, Hayden Cristobal, Kendall Scher, Carson Sehy

Both swim teams are back in the water on Tuesday as they head to the Huntington YMCA to face Huntington North at 5:30pm.