Bruins News · Boys Basketball Wrap Up; A Record-Breaking Year

With the IHSAA shutting down the tournament, a great season comes to an end. The Bruins finished 21-5 (.808) overall which was the second most wins in a season for the boys program and 3rd best overall winning percentage. The ’71-72 team finished 22-4 (.846). The ’70-71 team finished 20-4 (.833).

The Bruins 52 wins over the past three years ties the ’73-74 through ’75-76 seasons. Only the ’69-70 through ’71-72 and ’70-71 through ’72-73 teams had more wins over 3-years with 58 and 53 respectively. 69 wins is the record over a 4-year period (’69-71 through ’72-73). The Bruins can top that next year with 18 wins.

Luke Brown continued to set records and Brandon Stroble climbed the scoring ladder. Several others had very nice seasons and helped the team to some team records.

Records below are for the boys program only.

Brandon Stroble:
Career Points: 1052, 4th All-Time
Season Points: 383, 18th All-Time
He is also 24th with 371 scored last year.

Luke Brown:
Career Points: 2061, 1st All-Time (43rd All-Time in Indiana)
Season Point: 839, 1st All-Time
He is also 2nd with 805 scored last year.
He is also 11th with 417 during his injury shortened freshman season.
Free Throw % in a season: .902, 3rd All-Time (7th All-Time Made for Career in Indiana with 471)
He is also 2nd with .937 last year.
He is also 3rd with .924 as a frosh.
His current Career Free Throw % of .922 is currently 2nd All-Time in Indiana (if he can maintain it; he is only 1% behind the leader).
He made his last 31 free throws in a row to end the season.
Field Goals Made in a Season: 291, 1st All-Time
Field Goals Attempted in a Season: 537, 1st All-Time
Assists in a Season: 199, 1st All-Time
Steals in a Season: 82, 3rd All-Time
3-Pointers Made in a Season: 101, 1st All-Time (Tied for 10th All-Time in Indiana, based on current records after ’18-19)
3-Pointers Attempted in a Season: 250, 1st All-Time (7th All-Time in Indiana, based on current records after ’18-19)
45 games with 30+ Points in a Game for Career (in 64 games)

Team Records:
3-Pointers Made in a Season: 254, 1st All-Time
3-Pointers Attempted in a Season: 681, 1st All-Time
Points in a Season: 2011, 2nd All-Time (’70-71 scored 2018)
Average Points per Game in a Season: 77.3, 3rd All-Time (’70-71 and ’90-91 were both 80.1)

Thanks again for a great season!