Bruins News · Hang in there Bruins!


As we continue to “batten down the hatches” in dealing with the Coronavirus, I thought it would be a good time to share a few thoughts to all athletes (and non-athletes for that matter!).

As most coaches probably share, life can throw your curve balls. If ever there was a real world life lesson of what that means, this is it. Few dreamed that we would be in this situation. For our athletes and coaches, it is absolutely no fun watching day after day of our spring season go by. But try to look at the big picture. As much as we would like to be on field, track or court, being safe is the priority for now. Focusing on the bigger picture (and life will be a massive painting) makes it a bit easier to grasp losing a few games or, maybe, the season.

Spring is like a rebirth.  The warmer temps, green grass, blooming flowers and trees, seeing more of the sun, and getting outdoors rejuvenates us! It’s a great time of the year. But this situation has slightly dulled this spring. I can’t imagine how hard this is for our seniors and all those who only play a spring sport….let alone all spring sport athletes!

Spring is the last season to be with friends doing what you love. This spring will certainly make being with friends and doing what you love more challenging, if even possible, depending on where this all heads. But life will go on. It may not be what we had been hoping for, but if we stay positive and work together for the common good, spring might come up big for us and lead us into a safer and more normal summer! It will certainly be a memory that lasts a lifetime. Might as well try to make the best of it!

One way to do that is to take this time to reconnect with your family. Yes, some of you may be doing that more than you want. 🙂 But I am talking about really re-connecting with your family! Get through this together! I know it is a bit more challenging not being more face to face with family not in your home especially as we try to avoid travel, but technology allows a myriad of ways to connect. I am positive you know more ways than I do! Make the most of this unexpected opportunity to reconnect with those you love.

Obviously, we want to avoid groups, but stay connected with friends in a similar manner. Even connect with your coaches! Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. In short, “let it out” if you find yourself frustrated by the situation. Better to vent than to hold it in! Ask questions and or just have a talk.

And don’t forget those kids who may not have as many friends as you do. Some may be alone! Check in on them and see how they are doing! Communication will help us all get through it. As Scott Schick often shares, “We can do this!”

Finally, there have been no updates of late as to the status of the season. As always, I will do my best to keep all informed if anything new is shared. I know this is challenging! Do your best to stay connected with your family and friends and we can persevere!

UPDATE: The IHSAA canceled the conclusion of the boys basketball tournament at 3:55pm today (March 19).

Stay safe Bruins!