Bruins News · BHS Spring Sport Award Winners

BHS Spring Sports Award Program

The Spring Sports Award Program was held on Thursday, May 14 via an online broadcast by the Blackford Sports Network on YouTube. The video and another with the girls tennis and Unified Track coaches sharing their awards from home. After a brief opening speech by Athletic Director Tony Uggen each varsity head coach shared a few words about losing the season due to Covid and any other thoughts they wished to share about “what could have been” and listed their award winners.

“It was disappointing and strange not having a spring season. I feel bad for all our athletes, coaches, managers, fans, etc. who were looking forward to what should have been a pretty successful finish to the athletic school year, but it wasn’t meant to be. I wish the seniors well as they head out into the world. I hope they enjoyed the experiences they shared over the past four years despite losing the end of the basketball tournament, spring sports and their final days in school. There’s still hope they can celebrate graduation together. Let’s hope for the best. And I hope the underclassmen are gearing up for things once we return to some semblance of normalcy.” shared Athletic Director Tony Uggen.

NOTE: Those listed as on “hold” will receive the same award (retroactively) that they earn in ’21 as it was not clearly known as to whether they would have received a Major B in ’20 since the season was not played.

Boys Golf
Earning patches for subsequent Major B’s were Tyler Brown, Lance Manley and Bryce Strait.

Those currently on “hold” for Major B’s were Landon Grimes, CJ Crouse, Anthony Dalley, Dominic Fortino and Damon Thompson.

The golf team is coached by Dale Cunningham. He is assisted by John Crist.

Boys Track

Those earning Major B’s were Caleb Felver, Andrew Conwell, Damien Ellenburg, Isaiah Miller and Nathan Elliott.

Earning patches for subsequent Major B’s were Kinser Crabtree, Liam Gulley, Collin Penrod, Myles Randall, Cameron Rinker, Ethan Watt, Dalton Willmann, Connor Gulley, Lance Manley, Kendall Scher, L’trel Schlotter, Carson Sehy, Brayden Smith, Quinten Teer, Noah Kitterman, Michael Norris, Evan Watt, Scott Winger, Ethan Hidy, Braxton Malott and Donavan Osborn.

Earning their numerals were Damien Ellenburg and Nathan Elliott.

The boys track is coached by Randy Sehy with assistance from Grace Shockey and Doug Osborn.

Girls Track
Earning their letter jacket was Kaylin Clamme.

Earning a Major B was Leah Cale, Sarah Ellison and Brianna Stroble.

Earning patches for subsequent Major B’s were Carlee Howell, Natalie Thurman, Kylee Darnell, Layla Pennington, Jaycie Sones, Kaylin Clamme, Faith Maloney, Josie Oswalt, Jenna Payne, Ruby Slentz, Sam Williamson, Cami Caldwell, Kelli Rinker and Alison King (Mgr).

The girls track is coached by Randy Sehy with assistance from Grace Shockey and Doug Osborn.

Girls Tennis
Earning her Major B was Dayton McCulloch.

Earning a patch for subsequent Major B’s were Kaleigh Clevenger, Jenna Keplinger, Skylar Stephens, Brianna McNeal, Gavin Wolfgang (Mgr) and Jace Keplinger (Mgr).

Those on “hold” until ’21 were Kendall Hess, Vanessa Carroll, Kelsi Bade, Kaybree Norton, Riata Rouch and Madysen Whitesell.

The Lady Bruins were coached by Brian Smith.

Earning patches for subsequent Major B’s were Erin Cagle, Reaghan Harding,  Emma Jacobs, Haleigh Wick, Alexa Hurd, Grace Simmons, Macy Cagle, Casandra Mounsey, Bethany Elkins (Mgr), Matthew Bailey (Mgr) and Darren Ramseyer (Mgr).

Earning a Captain’s patch were Erin Cagle, Reaghan Harding, Emma Jacobs and Haleigh Wick.

The softball team is coached by Scott Cagle with assistance from John Simmons and Courtney Moriarty.

Unified Track

Earning patches for subsequent Major B’s were Jen McCaffery, Bronson Alter, Kyler Brock, Angel Thomas, Logan Wilson and Austin Rountree.

Earning certificates for being “partners” were Emily Huffman and Jeni Rogers.

The Bruins were coached by Linda Wallace. She was assisted by Joni Duren and Tyler McDonald.

Earning their award jacket with 7 letters was Josh Jennings.

Earning patches for subsequent Major B’s were Peyton Hurd, Josh Jennings, Isaac Justice, Caleb Mealy, Nick Otwinowski, Brandon Stroble, Brandon Wine, Drew Caldwell, Cam Elam, Gabrielle Henderson (Mgr) and Kayli Henderson (Mgr).

Those on “hold” until ’21 were Dane Baker and Taylor Glawson.

Earning JV B’s were Derrick Elliott, Nate Limle, Eli Martin and Landon Rogers.

Earning certificates for subsequent JV B’s were Dathan Milholland, Jeremiah Clark, Gabe Foster, Jared Freeman, Eli Leach and Carson Smith.

The baseball team is coached by Tony Uggen with assistance from Ryan Jones, Bob Banter, Mitch Waters, Jake Ross and Orville Uggen. The JV team is coached by Bob Banter.