Bruins News · Update on (2-Session) Graduation Plan

Sharing for Mr. Shimer….

We will be moving forward with our planned July 12th Graduation ceremony.  We will have two sessions and you will be assigned to the sessions according to alphabetical order.  We believe this approach of two sessions will help with social distancing and give us time to clean between the two ceremonies.  Session one will start at 1pm and will include all students that have last names A through L.  The second session will start at 3 pm and include students M through Z.

We are not requiring face masks be utilized but it is highly recommended.

The gym will open up 30 mins prior to the ceremony and tickets will be required for entry.  The ten tickets that are available for each student to distribute will be handed out during the practice sessions which will be held on Friday, July 10th. The 10am practice session will be for last names A-L and students M-Z  will practice at 11am.

Contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.