Bruins News · BHS Activity/Conditioning Schedule for Phase 1 (as of June 22, 2020)

Below is the current schedule for BHS Athletics for IHSAA Phase 1 (July 6-19). Reminder that only athletes in grades 9-12 will be involved. There will be no JH activities nor any youth clinics in Phase 1 (actually through August 1).

Parents are reminded to screen their kids prior to attendance. If you have any concerns, please do not send them. All activities are voluntary. Masks are recommended, but not required for participation.

Again, you must be “green” on Final Forms and have a new physical filed in the Athletic Office or, if using last year’s physical, an IHSAA Health Questionnaire filed in the Athletic Office PRIOR to any summer participation.

Please note that this schedule and any protocols could change prior to July 6.