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Cross Country runners in grades 9-12. Here is your plan for Phase 1 (July 6-19).

High School Boys: We will condition beginning Monday, July 6 from 8-10am. Our schedule will be to meet every Monday and Wednesday from 8-10am those first two weeks.

High School Girls” We will condition beginning Tuesday, July 7 from 8-10am. Our schedule will be to meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 8-10am those first two weeks.

Meet at the cleat house for pre-screening. Parents are reminded to pre-screen their kids prior to attending. Make sure you have completed your all Final Forms requirements, including turning in the IHSAA Health Questionnaire/Consent Form if you plan on using last year’s physical or turning in a new one (turn in all completed sheets for each form regardless of which you end up using) and bring your own water bottle.

See the article shared today titled ‘Heath Questionnaire Questions (an FTI)’ for more information about forms and paperwork.
Here are links to both forms (copy and paste the URL into your browser):

1. IHSAA Physical/Consent Form:

2. IHSAA Health Questionnaire/Consent Form:

If you have questions, contact coach at