Bruins News · For Those Interested….

Robby General at the Muncie Star Press interviewed me via Zoom yesterday. The article just came out. I don’t get the Star Press so I currently can’t see it, but hopefully my story sheds a little on what life is like for those who aren’t as lucky with Covid.

Thanks to those who actually messaged me to continue to share my progress. This is not about me! It is about anyone dealing with Covid and anyone else suffering from anything! Great to see the good in people come out. Please support anyone suffering at this time.

Friendly reminder to “mask up” when able and keep distancing for, if you get it in lungs (or bad in any way as it affects all differently), it is NO fun! You just don’t know who you are going to affect who may react terribly to it.

By the way, I am no longer considered to be in ICU. Was just put on lower pressure cannula at 2pm today for first time since early September 8 when things “went south” for me. So far, so good. Still having issues with lower lining of lungs. So recovery going well, but will be very slow going to “normal.”

Thanks again for all the support! And thanks to Robby General for asking about me and taking the time to talk to me about my experience. Means a lot!

Go Bruins!! to find the article. Was also sent out via a Tweet, I believe.