Bruins News · (Updated: 5:30am): Be Thankful for What We Have (or Possibly Had) :)

Yes, it sounds like Covid is finally catching up to us. And not just “us,” but other schools as well. I “see” the frustration starting to creep in (more so, online) but want to remind all that most of us probably NEVER thought we would get to this point. Be thankful that these kids got something that none of the spring sport athletes (imagine the ’20 seniors) got to do….play! Let alone the lost basketball regional (and, maybe, beyond) and many, who opted to, got to take classes face-to-face this fall.

We all knew this was going to be a monumental challenge to pull off. I have a lot of appreciation for all those in upper admin who laid out a plan so that we could try to play or just have the opportunity to have school face-to-face. Is the plan perfect? No. How could it be as no one has been through this before nor know where we are headed? But there are a lot of admin, teachers, custodians, cooks, bus drivers, aides, nurses, coaches, and various other staff, doing everything they can to bring some sense of normalcy to our kids lives.

And I commend the kids too! I heard very little grumbling about masks when I asked kids about it. In fact, most said “I got used to it.” What a great attitude! Sure, we have had a lapse or two, more so athletically maybe, but it is easy to forget and revert to “the norm.” We just need a reminder now and then.

Basically, our situation is what it is and it isn’t going away (Stupid Covid!). So how we mentally go about processing and overcoming the obstacles and challenges will go a long way in our ability to actually overcome it.

It would be remiss not to share that “one never knows who nor how they may be affected by Covid,” but it WILL happen. Someone, many (eventually all of us?), are going to get it. It is now a part of our lives. But we can at least take heart in knowing we are doing our best to give kids (friends, fans, our community) a little glimmer of normalcy, despite knowing we really can’t.

Covid is an uncontrollable. It is here until we figure it out with a vaccine. And it may not occur despite the efforts of some of the world’s finest minds. And even if they do, Covid is going to mutate to keep its distance and, as we won’t give up the fight easily, someone will come up with a Plan B. Regardless, we have no say who Covid will affect nor in what way Covid will affect us if it does. But we can control how we go about understanding that it is something we will need to overcome to give us any semblance of a normal life. And, of course, we can choose (meaning “we have a choice”….a controllable) to do things that give us just a tad less chance to maybe get it or spread unknowingly to a loved one and a choice to believe that we can forge ahead despite our circumstances.

Some are not going to choose to take this is a positive. And you know what? I understand your frustration and the frustration you have for your kid’s “not so great” experience. But the one thing I appreciate about sports is that you learn that there are things you can control and things you cannot. And I think a great positive of sports is learning how to respond and adapt to things that may or may not go the way we want.

Your feelings of frustration are totally understandable. Seems like a natural response to something we cannot control, but life (for me as a baseball coach) never stops “throwing you curveballs,” so we better well learn how to deal with frustration, bad timing/luck, pain, sadness, death, whatever, that will face us again and again throughout life. And how you learn to process and overcome these events will likely determine whether you make a positive out a very tough situation or live in misery in fear of “what else can make my life (others) miserable?” Certainly not easy at times. For some seemingly unbearable. And it is easy to think some have it better or luckier than others, but we all have ability to learn how to handle life’s difficult challenges. Some just learn to cope better than others. Again, that is a choice we can make that is a controllable.

My point here is we can handle this. It will be frustrating and challenging at times and more so for some than others, but do your best to make sure Covid is not controlling you! Life is too short for that. Do your best to adjust and compensate for whatever Covid throws at you, stay positive, and appreciate the fact that we marched through half a year regardless of the havoc Covid has placed on so many (all of us!), AND LIVE!

As a family, you have to do what you think is best, but I fan assure you that the BCS staff has the best intentions of providing as safe of an environment as possible so your kids can learn. Won’t be perfect….not online for sure as that is all new to everyone….but they are doing their best. That’s all we ever ask from our kids. Our staff is expected to, and is doing, the same.

In the end, be thankful and cherish every minute you get to be with friends and do anything that is any semblance of normal. For it could be weeks, days, or minutes, before we shut it all down again. It was awful before and it will be awful again. (But stay positive!) The decisions being made so we can continue however possible, are being made with care and safety in mind, based on the information known to safely provide an education and sports (normalcy) throughout this pandemic. If anything, brighten someone’s day and just say “Thanks for trying!”

Best of luck to all as we move forward in uncharted waters. Who knows where we are heading (drifting?). But be thankful for every moment of normalcy we have for it is may soon be our last.

AND DON’T FORGET…..Mask up to protect that one person who you have no idea will not respond well to Covid, keep your distance for the same reason, and please be as safe as you can. Covid is NO FUN!

We can do this. Stay positive, and appreciate the minor “wins” (anytime we can pull off a contest or day of class together) and be thankful to enjoy the time we have together. Who knows when it will end?