Bruins News · Going Home; AD Gets the “Green Light”

It’s time to go home!
Dr. Rizk shared at 1:30pm that my progress is such that I may go home tomorrow sometime likely between 11am-2pm. Thus, I will leave Ball Memorial Hospital after staying since September 3rd (19 total days in hospital counting tomorrow).
Still at 3.5 units of O2 intake, but I have held O2 steadily between 94-97% at that level. There will be some (hopefully, small) challenges, but I should be able to start my long recovery to “normal.” Dr. Rizk’s guess is at least a 30-day recovery. Could be a bit longer.

I will technically be in isolation for one day (tomorrow) at home. Isolation lasts 21 days from the positive test which occurred on August 31. Tuesday, I will have more space. 🙂

A list of those I have to thank….
-My wife, Lisa, for being there for me despite battling Covid herself. She is awesome. I love her very much! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!
-Family. They kept in touch, (Steph) shared updates for me when times were tough, and they encouraged me to stay the course to recovery. Love you guys!
-Friends. You truly find out who your friends are when things are tough. Thanks for being there for me!
-Everyone who supported me, sent a kind word, or prayed for me. Thank you! It meant a lot and encouraged me to fight!
-Those ex-students/others I have not done well keeping up with. Thanks for sending friend requests an accepting them on FB. It has been fun seeing what you are up to! A lot of people doing great things!
-Those still battling Covid or any other illness/issue at the moment. Stay strong and keep up battling!
-The admin, and all others at BCS ,who made it very clear that my health is the priority right now! I appreciate everyone for having my back as I got (get) through this. The weight lifted was enormous.
-The Bruins. I know you didn’t know this, but following your efforts/successes kept me energized!

It is odd though. I really feel just a tad better than I did when I checked into the ER on September 3rd. The big difference is that I am mending and my worst days are behind me. My goal now is to focus on breathing, strengthen my lungs/body and get myself back to “normal.” Sure beats gasping for air wondering “what is happening?”

I know many more had it tougher than I in their battle with Covid, but there were 2-3 very scary days. Anytime you hear “ventilator” you get a bit nervous although the success rate using them is much better now than back in the spring. And no one wants to hear their wife is home crying about your situation. But I got through it. I do NOT wish this on anyone. I have heard several Covid survivors who had it rough say the same.

I recorded about everything that happened to me, so I am typing that all up for posterity’s sake. A few have asked about my story. Guess there’s plenty on line, but if you want a copy of all that stuff I would be glad to share it.

Please continue to do everything you can to avoid Covid for no one knows how any one person will be affected or how you may pass it along, unknowingly, to someone else.

Mask up. Distance. Avoid being in large groups. Wash your hands a lot. Don’t take a chance! It is NO fun!!

I hope to be back to my office as soon as reasonably possible. I can’t wait!! If all goes well, I will see most of you in a month or so!

And for fun….I hope I never have take Lasix again in my life. It helped my cause, and, boy, does it work! But I have had enough of that stuff! Look it up! 🙂

Thanks again for being there. I hope these posts helped a little to understand one person’s battle with Covid.

Take care and stay safe!!