Bruins News · Swim Teams Split with Hagerstown/Malott Breaks 100 Fly Record!

The Bruin swim teams hosted Hagerstown last night. Although the Lady Bruins were completely outnumbered, they put up some great times. They fall to 5-6. The boys pulled out a win to improve to 7-2 on the season.

Many athletes recorded PR’s, but a record was also broken last night. Bode Malott has been chasing a record set by Craig Phemister in 1987 for four years. Last night, with no one to push him, he raced the clock and finally surpassed Phemister’s record of 56.12 in the 100 Fly. Malott set the new bar at 55.36.

Winners for the girls included Hannah Scaggs, the 200 Free Relay Team and the 400 Free Relay Team.
Winners for the boys included the 200 Medley Relay Team, Carson Sehy (twice), Kyle Crabtree, Bode Malott, the 200 Free Relay Team, Ethan hidy and the 400 Free Relay Team.

The boys won their meet to improve to 7-2. The girls are now 5-6 overall.

Girls results: Hagerstown 117 Blackford 65

200 Medley Relay: 2nd Liz Howard, Sophia Jennerjahn, Leah Cale, Hannah Scaggs
200 Free: 4th Abby Langdon, 5th Trinity Berry
200 IM: 4th Ruby Slentz, 5th Kelli Rinker
50 Free: 1st Hannah Scaggs, 3rd Kaylin Clamme, 3rd Liz Howard
Dive: 2nd Faith Maloney
100 Free: 2nd Leah Cale, 3rd Hanna Scaggs, 4th Sophia Jennerjahn
500 Free: 3rd Abby Langdon, 4th Ammee Uggen
200 Free Relay: 1st Kaylin Clamme, Sophia Jennerjahn, Ruby Slentz, Hannah Scaggs
3rd Leah Cale, Trinity Berry, Kelli Rinker, Liz Howard
100 Backstroke: 3rd Ruby Slentz, 5th Trinity Berry
100 Breaststroke: 2nd Sophia Jennerjahn, 3rd Kaylin Clamme, 5th Ammee Uggen
400 Free Relay: 1st  Ammee Uggen, Kylee Darnell, Kelli Rinker, Liz Howard
Boys results: Blackford 98 Hagerstown 52

200 Medley Relay: 1st Ethan Hidy, James Jernigan, Bode Malott, Braxton Malott
2nd Keaton Walker, Hayden Cristobal, Kendall Scher, Andrew Tabor
200 Free: 1st Carson Sehy, 3rd Patrick Torres, 4th Keaton Walker
200 IM: 2nd Ethan Hidy
50 Free: 2nd Braxton Malott, 3rd James Jernigan, 5th CJ Crouse
Dive: 1st Kyle Crabtree, 2nd Braydon Smith
100 Butterfly: 1st Bode Malott (school record!)
100 Free: 1st Carson Sehy, 2nd Braxton Malott, 4th  Hayden Cristobal
500 Free: 2nd Kendall Scher, 3rd Keaton Walker , 4th Andrew Tabor
200 Free Relay: 1st James Jernigan, Braxton Malott, Carson Sehy,  Bode Malott
3rd  Ethan Hidy, Hayden Cristobal, CJ Crouse , Kendall Scher
100 Backstroke: 1st Ethan Hidy
100 Breaststroke: 2nd Hayden Cristobal
400 Free Relay: 1st James Jernigan, Keaton Walker, CJ Crouse, Carson Sehy
The Bruins host Liberty Christian on Tuesday at 5:30pm. Reminder that no fans may attend this event.