Bruins News · IHSAA Boys Basketball Draw: Sectional 39; Argylls & Bruins Match-Up in Game 2

Blackford will again host Sectional 39 of the Boys Basketball 2A Tournament. The top 2 teams in the CIC will battle in game 2 as Madison-Grant will play the Bruins at 8pm on Tuesday, March 2.

More information will be shared about seating and ticketsĀ  early Wednesday. Pre-sell tickets will likely be sold Thursday all day into early evening. The County Covid Code this week will determine how many tickets will be available for Tuesday’s games.

An early heads up that there will be no all-session tickets sold for the tournament per the IHSAA. To attend each game of the tournament, you will need to purchase a ticket for each game separately. On Tuesday and Friday nighst, the first game will be played at 6pm. Immediately after that game, the entire crowd will leave the school within 10 minutes. The gym will then be disinfected before allowing the crowd to enter for the 8pm contest.