Bruins News · Sectional Tickets for Tuesday on Sale Thursday

The Athletic Department will be selling pre-sale tickets for the Sectional game between Madison-Grant and Blackford on Tuesday at 8pm.

Pre-sale tickets will only be sold on Thursday (tomorrow) from 9am until 8pm in the Athletic Office. That will be the only day that tickets are pre-sold.

With approval of the County Health Department, the maximum crowd capacity for each game on Tuesday night will be 2000. Madison-Grant, Sheridan and Eastbrook received 500 tickets to pre-sell.

Athletic Director Tony Uggen stated, “This is the first time we’ve greatly opened things up. I would encourage as many as possible to get their tickets in advance to play it safe. I don’t know that we’ll reach the 2000 mark but better to be safe than sorry. Plus, it would be great for the kids to at least play in front of one big crowd this season. It’s been a tough year for the Bruins and all other high school athletes in regard in regard to fans in the stands.”

Uggen added, “I also need to share that, due to the larger crowd, masks and distancing as best as you can will be critical. We don’t want a team (or anyone else for that matter) affected by Covid now with a chance to go to Regional.”