Bruins News · JH Track Teams Finish 3rd in 3-Way

The JH boys and girls track team went to Mississinewa last night to take on host RJ Baskett and Madison-Grant. Both teams finished 3rd to fall to 0-5 on the season.

Individual Results:

Audrey Wilson- 3rd place in long jump, 1st place in 400m, 4th place in 200m

Braydon Bennett Walter- 4th place in shotput
Carter Clouse- 4th place in long jump, 3rd place in 400m
Mason Kitterman- 1st place in hurdles, 2nd place in 1600m,
Sam Barry- 2nd place in 400m, 4th place in 200m
Tanner Roberts- 4th place in 800m

Coach Kierstin Leavitt said of the night, “Due to injuries, many athletes tried new events at this meet. They did very well. I appreciate their
willingness to step up and support their team members.

Both teams head to the CIC Meet at Madison-Grant on Saturday. Good luck Bruins!

Late results from first meet which was a 4-Way at Jay County that included Monroe Central and Wes-Del:

The JH track teams both finished 4th in the 4-Way and are 0-3 on the season.

Individual Results:

Destiny Matura- 2nd place in hurdles, 4th place in 100m dash, 3rd place in 400m, 3rd place in high jump
Karlie Pitts- 5th place in 1600m
Abigail Slentz- 4th place in 200m

Mason Kitterman- 3rd place in hurdles, 1st place in 800m, 1st place in 2400m
Carter Clouse- 4th place in 100m, 3rd place in 200m
Samuel Barry- 4th place in 400m, 5th place in 200m,
Braydon Bennett-Walter- 2nd place in shot put, 3rd place in discus

Coach Kierstin Leavitt said, “Despite very cold weather conditions, our team performed well. I was proud of their sportsmanship and good attitude despite racing conditions.”